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Museumsgebäude Neandertaler Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra Waldelefant
Its general renovations now completed, Germany's oldest museum structure for prehistoric archaeology has now reopened with its new permanent exhibition. The thematic spheres include the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Ages (hunters/collectors), the Neolithic Age (the rise of farming), the Early Bronze Age (princely tombs), the Middle and Late Bronze Age (hoards/"wealth deposits"), the Early Iron Age (metallurgy), the Roman Empire (Roman imports), and the Migration Period. The impressive presentation of spectacular finds and reconstructions takes visitors on a journey through time that begins at 450,000 BC. One is introduced to the oldest known settlement of Germany, to a giant forest elephant, and to a Neanderthal man lost in thought. Furthermore, one witnesses the first attempts to control and manipulate nature, travels to a time of fire and iron, and can see the world-famous Nebra sky disc.

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