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Museum für Stadtgeschichte Dessau Leopold III Friedrich Franz
Museum für Stadtgeschichte Dessau
On three floors of the new exhibition it is illustrated the development of "Dessowe" from a traders’ and craftsman’s settlement to a seat of the court of the Princes and later Dukes of Anhalt-Dessau up to the capital of Anhalt’s united dukedoms and the Freistaat Anhalt since 1918. A special priority lies on the dynasty of the Princes of Anhalt-Dessau with Leopold I. and Leopold III. Friedrich Franz, the creator of the well-known gardens Wörlitz-Dessau. Another exhibition shows Dessau’s development to an industrial town from the 19th century on with firms like Deutsche Continental Gas Gesellschaft, Hugo-Junkers-Werke etc..
The visitor is informed about personalities of German’s cultural history like Moses Mendelsson, Wilhelm Müller, Samuel Heinrich Schwabe und Kurt Weill.
The museum’s expositions are part of a project called "Gemeinsam sind wir Anhalt" to describe Anhalt’s history where museums from Ballenstedt, Bernburg, Coswig, Harzgerode, Köthen, Zerbst und Jever take part in. This project is introduced to the visitor with the help of a multimedia presentation.

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