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Burgfrühling Blick in die Ausstellung Jungsteinzeit Schwedenzimmer Kindergarten Apfelbäumchen
Since 1993, the museum has been located in the gatehouse and main tower of the 12th-century castle. The largest section of the scholarly collection deals with the settlement history of the Egelner Mulde region. It is the only museum of its kind in the northern Harz Foreland. The modern history of the region is presented in the roomy exhibition space that was created through expansion of the attic space above the old court in 2001. At that time, a section on the history of the castle and city was also added to the museum. In view of our inclusion in the Schwedenstrasse ("The Sweden Road") project, in 2012 an exhibition room was dedicated to the topic of "The Egeln Moated Castle during the Residency of Field Marshall General Johann Banér". The torture chamber – which was previously used as a storeroom – and castle dungeon have also been restored; an exhibition on the Egeln witch trials of 1612 is to be housed here in the future. The Heimatstube ("Hometown History Room") of the Egeln Local Historical Society shows how our grandparents lived around 1930, while the medieval history of the castle is presented in the women's chambers. Regional artists are exhibited in the special exhibitions room. A well-rounded museum visit ends with a visit to the top of the 36-meter-high main tower.

Guided tours on the pre- and early history of the region as well as on the history of the castle are available. Complete town tours (including Maienstuhl Abbey and St. Christophorus parish church) are likewise available.

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