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Außenansicht Museum Wolmirstedt Geologieausstellung Historische Werkstatt - Stellmacher Historische Werkstatt - Schmiede museumspädagogisches Projekt - Schmieden
Außenansicht Museum Wolmirstedt
Founded in 1927, the regional museum is located in a partially reconstructed stone-wall barn from 1846. The Museum Wolmirstedt is sponsored by the district of Börde. After extensive reconstruction and modernisation work, the full-time museum now offers attractive exhibitions on a variety of topics:
- Geology and the use of natural resources in the district of Börde from the beginnings to the present day - The Ohre lowlands and Restauwald forest – the Küchenhorn Region
- The historical significance of the castle domain
- The history of the town of Wolmirstedt
- Historic workshops: wheelwright, blacksmith, saddler
- Special exhibitions on diverse topics

Museum Wolmirstedt is a recognised competence centre for research and study. Its exhibitions, library, and archive are at the disposal to scientists, students, local researchers, and interested citizens for research purposes. In particular, the editions of the Allgemeiner Anzeiger newspaper spanning from 1855 to 1943 are an inexhaustible source of local history for the districts of Wolmirstedt and Neuhaldensleben.

The Museum Wolmirstedt's representative museum shop, which was added during the renovations of 2011/12, offers an extensive selection of local-heritage literature and regional products.
Museum Wolmirstedt works closely with the schools of the region, and is a cooperation partner of the Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium [Elector Joachim Friedrich Secondary School], the Johannes-Gutenberg-Ganztagsschule [Johannes Gutenberg All-Day School], and the Bildungs- und Freizeitzentrums Wolmirstedt [Education and Recreation Centre Wolmirstedt].

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