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Kernbereich der Brikettfabrik (Pressen- und Trocknerhaus) Pressenraum Ofenausstellung Schrottskulpturen von Bernd Eichardt
Kernbereich der Brikettfabrik (Pressen- und Trocknerhaus)
The "Herrmannschacht" briquette factory in Zeitz is the oldest preserved first-generation briquette factory in the world. Due to the demolition of the numerous industrial complexes in Central Germany, the factory is considered the last remaining testament to the former brown coal processing industry in the region. An enclosed complex, the factory grounds include administrative and residential buildings as well as functional buildings for the production and processing of briquettes and steamed coal, as well as for shipping. With exception of the partially-standing boiler house, all important buildings of the briquette factory are still existent and contain their basic inventory.

The complex is subdivided into three individual locations:
1. The "Brown Coal Forrest" illustrates the formation of brown coal in an understandable and fascinating manner. Plant fossils found in the clay sediment of the strip mining demonstrate the links between the individual vegetative ecotypes, while the truly unique landscape of the overall architectural compound itself offers an experience that cannot be repeated anywhere else Germany.
2. In the briquette factory, a true technical marvel and monument, the visitor is shown how briquettes were produced from raw lignite on original machines from 1872/1883. Today, the drying room, once the warmest and most dusty room of the factory, offers itself as a fine location to eat fancy food or hold a function.
3. The final segment of the full tour is the only furnace museum in Central Germany. Here, you get a good mental picture of how the "energy carrying" briquette was fed to the "energy converting" furnace.
The museum shop rounds out and completes the complex of the technical monument. Here, the visitor can find a variety of different decorative briquettes, minerals, and fossils, as well as other interesting articles. There is also a small garden train featuring numerous industrial cultural objects of the Zeitz-Weißenfelser coal-mining district.

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