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Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus (Foto: Uwe Köhn) Salon Robert Franz (Foto: Thomas Ziegler) Reichardt-Raum (Foto: Thomas Ziegler) Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Raum (Foto: Thomas Ziegler)
Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus (Foto: Uwe Köhn)
The Wilhelm Friedemann Bach House on Großer Klausstraße, the former residence of the eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, is one of the most important Renaissance houses in the city of Halle. The new part of the building, which was constructed after Wilhelm Friedemann Bach's time, houses the noteworthy exhibition "Halle, the City of Music". In the preserved original Renaissance wing, a historic wood-panelled room from 1554 and priceless musical instruments from the middle of the 16th century can be admired.
Wilhelm Friedemann (1710-1784), the eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, was one of the most eminent organ virtuosos of his time. As director musices and organist at the Marktkirche (Market Church) in Halle, his main place of activity, he held the most important music-related office of the city. The rich collection of exhibited artefacts of the Handel House Foundation offers an informative and entertaining journey through the history of music in Halle, from the Middle Ages to the recent past. Follow in the footsteps of the composers Samuel Scheidt, Georg Friedrich Handel, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Friedrich Reichardt, Carl Loewe and Robert Franz. In addition to interesting facts about the life and work of the composers, socio-historical backgrounds of the respective time are also conveyed.

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