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Dauerausstellung Kornmahlen Dauerausstellung Kinder legen ein Skelett frei
The re-designed permanent exhibition, which was reopened in 2003, presents an overview of the settlement history of the Köthen region. The display spans from the oldest stone hand axe (250,000 years old) from Werdershausen through all subsequent cultures and up until the first written reference to the village of Köthen in 1115.

In 2012, the permanent exhibition was expanded to include "Adventure Archaeology", a thematic presentation aimed at children and young people.
The presentation looks at the arduous and exciting work archaeologists undertake to uncover new finds and insights, and allows one to both look over the archaeologist's shoulder and work with the tools of the trade. Excavation methods are vividly illustrated, and the other sciences involved in an archaeologist's activities are also looked at. Visitors are invited to practise dating by means of dendrochronology, or to participate in an excavation.
There is much that one can "grasp" here; some things move, others you have to move.

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