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Memorial German division Marienborn


Außengelände der Gedenkstätte (Teilansicht) mit dem Kommandoturm, 2013 Grenzdenkmal Hötensleben (Teilansicht), 2013
Außengelände der Gedenkstätte (Teilansicht) mit dem Kommandoturm, 2013
The Marienborn Memorial of German Division is located on the grounds of the former GDR border-crossing checkpoint (GÜst) at Marienborn. During the period that Germany was divided, the checkpoint at Marienborn developed into the largest border-crossing station on the former inner-German border.
The Marienborn Memorial and the nearby Hötensleben Border Monument, which is also part of the memorial site, are symbolic representations of the former division of Germany and convey a comprehensive image of the border regime as well as the systematic control practiced by the GDR bodies at the border-crossing checkpoints. The two preserved and historically listed memorial sites literally offer history you can touch. There are also two permanent exhibitions at Marienborn on the history of the checkpoint and the customs practices of the GDR. The exterior complex grounds are accessible and equipped with a visitor guidance system.

The permanent exhibition Die Grenzübergangsstelle Marienborn: Bollwerk, Nadelöhr und Seismograph ("The GDR Marienborn Border Crossing: Bulwark, Eye of the Needle, Seismograph") is located in the former central staff building. It documents the history of the location in relation to the history of the German division and border regime of the GDR. An additional exhibition entitled Zoll der DDR ("Customs of the GDR") is located in the historic customs clearance rooms.

Guided tours as well as seminars dedicated to different thematic areas are available for visiting groups; likewise, project days can be organized for school groups. Timely advance registration is requested.

Detailed information on the available educational opportunities can be found by clicking on the link to the online presence of the Marienborn Memorial of German Division.

The permanent exhibition as well as the special exhibitions area in the former central staff building are handicapped accessible. The rooms as well as the public toilets can be reached via a ramp or elevator.

Special Exhibitions

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