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Grenzturm geführte Radtouren Museum Museum
Since 1996, visitors of the Museum Böckwitz have been presented with a lively, generation-spanning exhibition dealing with agriculture and the former East/West German border.
Spread across a terrain of one hector, the museum's holdings include more than 10,000 exhibition objects. The museum site, an old farm, reflects the influence of 40 years of border history. A supplementary side structure contains an exhibition featuring all aspects of farming and agriculture, including original and historical machinery and devices - for example, a hearse and other traditional objects of use - as well as a photo gallery featuring the Queens of the Harvest. Furthermore, an additional detailed exhibition includes audio, visual and original materials spanning from 1950 to 1989 on the unique history of the dual village of Böckwitz/Zicherie, which is located on and was previously divided by the former inner-German border. Further, integral aspects of the border exhibition are the border nature trail, an original remaining border watchtower (which can be entered), the border grounds, and the Europastein ("Europe Stone") on the Europawiese ("Europe Meadow").
On the museum "farmyard", a real timber-framed museum barn also awaits the visitor. The barn contains a threshing floor, an exhibition on blacksmithing, and the Krug zum grünen Kranze, which is open during festivals. The tour of the museum grounds also includes our universal heirloom, the venerable old bakehouse; originally built in 1911, it was reconstructed on the museum yard in 2002. This structure includes a display of traditionally typical kitchen accessories. During the sunny months, the blossoming, green and fragrant farmer's garden located behind the bakehouse fills the senses.

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Im Rundling 2
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