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Local History Museum Osterwieck


Hochzeitsteller um 1480 (Foto: Birgit Mundt) Kachelofen aus Meißner Kacheln (Foto: Christine Krebs) Schumacherwerkstatt (Foto: Christine Krebs) Waffenkammer (Foto: Christine Krebs)

The museum in the old Rathaus (city hall) from 1554 features finds from prehistoric times, documents about the history of the town (e.g. magnificent wedding platter from approximately 1480, door locks and door knockers and hearth tiled stoves made from Meißen tiles) as well as a shoemaker's workshop and a small armoury.
Information about the history of building half-timbered houses, which were preserved in Osterwieck especially well.
Rarity: Exhibition of the leather money of Osterwieck from 1922/23.

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