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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Peace Race Museum

The main topic of the museum is the International Peace Race, from its founding in 1948 on up to today. Additional topics include the history of cycling in general, the Tour de France, and the regional history of cycling ... more

Hofmuseum Läufer

Visitors and in particular children are given the opportunity of feeling what the life in the country was like in former times by visiting the Court Museum. This life was simple and full of deprivations. The main focus ... more

Luftbild Schloss Köthen Köthen
Historical Museum and Bach Memorial Castle Köthen

The History Museum and the Bach Memorial are located in the Ludwigsbau ("Ludwig Building") of the Köthen Castle. The heart of the exhibitions is the Bach Memorial, which pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach's activ ... more

Naumann-Museum Köthen

In the palace in 1835 J.F. Naumann (1780-1857), founder of the scientific ornithology, prepared a collection of birds which he started. This collection consisting of 113 show-cases has hardly been changed and has been in ... more

Dauerausstellung Köthen
Prehistorically Collection Köthen

Reopened in 2003, the redesigned permanent exhibition presents an overview of the settlement history of the Köthen region, from the oldest bifacial hand-axe (250,000 years old) from Werdershausen and across all the ... more

Empfangsgebäude Eisenbahnmuseum Kötzschau Kötzschau
railway museum Kötzschau
Museum of the History of the Railway Leipzig-Großkorbetha

The Railway Museum Kötzschau is located in and around the Kötzschau train station's historic reception building. The museum is dedicated to the history of the Leipzig-Großkorbetha railway line, which open ... more

Silberpokal Kroppenstedt
Local History Museum Kroppenstedt

The museum offers bourgeois style of home furnishings from around 1900 as well as a simulated classroom at the time of the Kaiser.
Significant exhibits explaining the history of Gröningen and Kroppenstedt: medieval ... more