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The Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association

Teil der Ausstellung zum Militär-Knaben- Erziehungsinstitut (Foto: Wolfgang Donath) Annaburg
Amtshaus museum

The history of this place you can experience next to the palace in the so-called Amtshaus. It is remarkable that paintings on the ceiling have been found in the north and main wing of this building in the recent years. O ... more

Malschule Annaburg
Annaburger Porzellaneum

The former factory outlet of the Annaburger Porzellan GmbH porcelain works now houses an exhibition on the production of earthenware, sintolan dishware, and porcelain. Charts and photographs document the history behind t ... more

Schloßgeschichte im Schloß Annaburg (Foto: Wolfgang Donath) Annaburg
Palace museum

The exhibition in the palace gives a survey of the building’s history of construction and its use as a hunting lounge and a later boarder’s institute. It is informed about the work of important characters lik ... more