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Ansicht des Museumsgebäudes: ehemaliger Stall für Rinder- u. Pferdehaltung Skelett eines doppelköpfigen Kalbs Blick in die wissenschaftliche Sammlung

The museum is located not far from the city center in a closed courtyard on the original site of the Agricultural Institute of the University of Halle. The exhibition rooms are in a former stable. The display focuses on European domestic mammals, the diversity of the races, and information on lineage and descent. Well over 100 years of the history of the science of animal breeding is brought to life using mounted specimens, skeletal remains, and original historical photographs. Since natural history and zoological museums usually have little opportunity to deal with domestic animals and pets, the museum is a rarity in the museum world. In addition to the exhibition, the museum also houses the most comprehensive collection of skeletons of domestic animals in the world.

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