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Carlswerk Mägdesprung


Eisenhütte unterm Mägdesprung Dauerausstellung über die Geschichte der Mägdesprunger Eisenhütte und der Maschinenfabrik Carlswerk

Mägdesprung is situated at the small river Selke and impresses the visitor with its ironworks "Eisenhütte unterm Mägdesprung". In 1646 this ironworks was founded by Prince Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg-Harzgerode. In and around Mägdesprung there are some iron-casting relics.
In 1865 the engineering works "Carlswerk" was founded as a factory building to produce special machines. This complex ranks among the most important historical industrial plants and memorials of industrial architecture (19th century) that is in good condition. The machinery on the ground floor is in original condition. A crane from 1890, mechanical metal-cutting machine, workbenches and lockers give an insight into the working conditions in the factory. On the upper floor a permanent exhibition informs about the history of the ironworks and the engineering works.
Sometimes there are demonstrations of old- forging technologies in the smithy (Please call the museum for this.)