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Kleines Grenzmuseum in Sorge Ausstellungsraum im Kleinen Grenzmuseum Grenzsignalzaun in der Grenzlandschaft Beobachtungsturm im Freilandmuseum
Kleines Grenzmuseum in Sorge
The Verein Grenzmuseum Sorge e.V. ("Border Museum Sorge Association") was founded in January 2007 in the picturesque Harz village of Sorge, which is located on the former inner-German border. Our aim is to maintain the memory of, and to impart knowledge to future generations about, the history and period of a divided Germany on the basis of original objects and historic documents. For years our community has helped to preserve the remnants of the original border system found at our highly frequented open-air border museum. A history trail with information boards, the vestiges of the first and second border fences, a border post, a B-tower (the last watchtower of a former 14 once found in the Harz Mountains), a water barrier and an earth bunker offer insight into the former border-security system. At the initiative of our association, Sorge's former train station building was converted into a small museum in 2009. On display, in addition to the original model of a border complex, are diverse exhibition pieces relating to the daily life of the GDR border troops as well as the inhabitants of the border area. In immediate proximity to the museum's exterior area – on Kolonnenweg, the former patrol road – is "The Ring of Remembrance", one of five natural monuments in Europe that combine nature and history.

Kolonnenweg, by the way, is a part of the German Green Belt hiking trail, which runs along the former "No-Man's Land" that was the inner-German border. Designated a national natural monument in 2019, the Green Belt merges nature conservation with the culture of remembrance.

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Postanschrift: Grenzmuseum Sorge e.V., Försterbergstr. 5 b, 38875 Stadt Oberharz am Brocken OT Sorge

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