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Alte Apotheke
In the heart of Gardelegen, in a Renaissance building from 1685 located directly on Rathausplatz [Town Hall Square], is the Alte Apotheke [Old Pharmacy]. It is the location of the municipality's tourist information office as well as a museum. Sections of the historical pharmacy facilities, including pharmaceutical equipment, are open to the public. The 15th century, barrel vaulted basement is dedicated to cooperage, the cultivation of hops, and the town's more than seven-hundred-years-old brewing tradition, which once paved the way for Gardelegen to become a member of the legendary Hanseatic League. Showpieces of the exhibition include brewery equipment from the 1930s.
The most famous town son of Gardelegen, the humorist Otto Reutter, is also honoured.
The former pharmacist's living quarters on the upper floor of the house were converted into a gallery in 2013. Up to six temporary exhibitions of works by artists of diverse genres are held here annually.

Noteworthy architectural details, such as old arches and cross vaults, also make the house interesting for architecture fans.
At Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 3, the second house of the city administration contains a small permanent exhibition documenting the long-lost Gardelegen button-making tradition, which once laid the foundation for the industrialization of the city.

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Postanschrift: Hansestadt Gardelegen, Stabstelle Stadtmarketing, Kultur und Veranstaltungen, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 3, 39638 Hansestadt Gardelegen

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