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The main topic of the museum is the International Peace Race, from its founding in 1948 on up to today. Additional topics include the history of cycling in general, the Tour de France, and the regional history of cycling, with special emphasis on the rich tradition of artistic and trick cycling in the township of Kleinmühlingen.

The collection of the Peace Race Museum consists of a number of pieces from the world of cycling, in particular in relation to the Peace Race. Almost all the objects are one-of-a-kind. World-class cyclists and Peace Race winners such as Gustav Adolf Schur, Klaus Ampler, Thomas Barth, Andreas Petermann, Olaf Ludwig and Steffen Wesemann have donated personal pieces and possessions to the museum. This includes:
1. Valuable cups, prizes, ribbons, medals and badges.
2. Bicycles and tricots.
3. Autographs, photographs and posters.
4. Literature about the sport and famous cyclists (as of 1910).
5. Stamps and first day covers.
6. Pieces related to the regional history of cycling.

Of particular note are the original bicycles of Olaf Ludwig, which were tailor-made for him in 1980, and two ergometers that the renowned cyclist Jan Ullrich used for training as a 16-year-old in Rostock.

The museum is unique in its presentation of German cycling. Founded in September, 2002, the museum is currently housed in three rooms of a converted barn and has approximately 80 square meters (87.5 square yards) of exhibition space. In 2007, a new museum with a display space of 160 square meters (175 square yards) is to be inaugurated.

Special Exhibitions

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Grabenstr. 21
39221 Kleinmühlingen

Tel.: (03 92 91) 46 55 70
Fax.: (03 92 91) 46 55 71 Opening Hours
Tuesday and Thursday 1 pm - 5 pm; Sunday 2 pm - 4 pm and after appointment

Postanschrift: Friedensfahrt-Museum, Grabenstr. 21, 39221 Bördeland/OT Kleinmühlingen

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