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Museum für Naturkunde Eisvogel Blick in die Ausstellung
Museum für Naturkunde
The mineralogical exhibition "Von Amethyst bis Zinnober" shows more than 400 different mineral levels. In the part of exhibition "fragmenta diluviana – Ausgestorbenes Leben vor und in der Eiszeit (Extinct life before and during the Ice Age) it is explained life’s changing history of evolution from ammonite to mammoth. Impressive skeletons from plateosaurus to an enormous deer can be marvelled.

In the exhibition "Im Reich der Biber und Reiher - Lebensraum Mittlere Elbe" the habitat outside the town Magdeburg (Mittlere Elbaue) is introduced to the visitor. Large-scale dioramas give an insight into the diversity of species in this habitat with White-tailed Sea Eagle, otter and beaver. The use of the river meadow by the humans and effect on ecological balance is paid attention there. Other parts of exhibition deal with the endemic animal world and the insects’ world of wonder.

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