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Der Neubau (Foto: Archiv Winckelmann-Gesellschaft) Skulpturenhof Familienmuseum (Foto: G. Draschowski) Winckelmann-Ausstellung (Foto: G. Draschowski) MuseumsEi im Kindermuseum
Der Neubau (Foto: Archiv Winckelmann-Gesellschaft)
Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768). His book The History of Ancient Art among the Greeks (first published in 1764) has resulted in him being recognized as the father of modern cientific archaeology and modern art history. Documents, published works, drawings and prints as well as ancient Greek sculptures and antique craftworks give a vivid picture of the science of archaeology in his day. Winckelmann's influence on the development of archaeology, visual art, and the aesthetic and literature of German Classicism is also covered.

Outstanding temporary exhibitions of great scientific and scholarly importance are found in the spacious display spaces on the upper floor of the museum. The quality of the exhibitions has caused Stendal to be recognized far beyond the borders of the Altmark region as an important cultural centre. The exhibition spaces on the upper floor provide enough room for two simultaneous special exhibitions.

Since 2005, the Stendal Children's Adventure Museum of the Winckelmann Museum has offered children of all ages an insight into the life of the world of antiquity. Under the motto "Under the Volcano—;Discovering Roman Life" children can visit the home of a Pompeian patrician from shortly before the eruption of Vesuvius, dress up as Romans, play antique games, or enjoy a Roman feast. Our archaeological camp is open to young researchers and archaeologists. They can participate in excavations and analyze the finds in the researchers' workshop.

An additional pillar of the Winkelmann Museum is the Mobile Museum. Museum staff visit children and adults with the "Museum in a Suitcase" and conduct educational events on various topics.

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